#000 Poly Envelopes 4×8 Shipping Bubble Mailers–500 pcs/case USABubbleMailers


  • 📦 Size: #000, Usable Space : 4″ x 7.25″ Outside Size: 4″ x 8″
  • 📦 {Durable, High-Quality} : Made in USA. Quality, Polythene tough bags Strong mailing envelopes
  • 📦 {Self-Sealing} : Tamper-Evident, Permanent Glue, Self-Sealing Adhesive on All Mailers
  • 📦 {Multi-Use} : Ship Your E-Commerce Order, Use At Home For Storage, Use At The Office
  • 📦 {Same-Day Shipping} : Made in USA Assures Every Order is Quickly Shipped
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USABubbleMailers 500 Quality #000 Poly Padded Mailers Kraft Bubble Envelopes Shipping Mailers Envelopes Made in USA–Stop purchasing inferior, low-quality mailers! Buy quality and save! Self-sealing, just peel and close mailer to ship. #000 4×8 Poly Bubble Mailers 500 envelopes per order. Polythene tough bags, Outstanding tear strength, High-slip film material for faster, easier product insertion. Mailers are plain, no printing or branding outside Lightweight to save on postage


Size: #000


UPC: 650079584699

Color: White

✉ Bubble Mailers Case of 500. These bubble envelopes mailers are great quality, different from the standard, low-quality mailers. Your customers will be pleased you were very careful with the product. These padded mailers are lightweight mailing envelops, which will not add to your shipping costs.

✉ Self-Adhering Envelopes The bubble mailers come with a self-adhesive tamperproof seal. Once the envelope has been sealed, it cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering. The smooth surface of the mailers makes it easy to stick stamps and address labels. Mail without worry with USABubbleMailers delivery packaging & shipping bags.

✉ Tear Resistance Envelopes These padded package envelopes are with durable and sturdy surface, work great instead of paper versions that tear easily with sharp, heavy, or weird shaped products. Also made with multilayered sheets, provide an excellent waterproof & cushioning protection for shipment.

✉ Multipurpose Bubble Mailers You can use these to mail lip glosses, earrings, cosmetics, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelry, medicines, seeds and bulbs, makeup tools, pens, small gifts or objects, small business supplies, and a lot more. They are padded enough to protect fragile things during shipping. The laminated top allows you to attach self-adhesive stamps and address labels easily.

#000 Poly Mailer #000 Bubble Envelops
#000 Poly Envelopes 4×8 Shipping Bubble Mailers–500 pcs/case USABubbleMailers
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